Tension created between Azerbaijanis over “Eurovision 2009” Song Contest

Aysel Teymurzade, an Azerbaijani singer will perform at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest. Song she will perform is written and previously performed by an Iranain song writer.

According BayBak, the song chosen for Aysel called “Always” by Arash Labbaf. Arash is an Iranian who lives in Sweden. He has produced golden album and is a famous Fars (or wrongly Persian) singer.

The country called Iran is a multinational geographical region but is ruled by Fars minority. Azerbaijan, which has its small part independent (Northern Azerbaijan or Republic of Azerbaijan) from Russia, has its own part (Southern Azerbaijan) under Iranian occupation.

Rulers of now a day’s Iran has put ban on all nationalities language but Farsi. The official language of the region is forced to be Farsi, regardless of its weaknesses and not being useful for any kind of achievements.

BayBak reminds that Azerbaijani Turks are the majority in Iran and make 60% of its population. They are not able to exercise their basic rights, including free education on their own language, free trade and also are denied of having political part in the government. Although it is said that the leader of Iran is a Turk, but he works for the assimilation machine of Fars government against his own people.

At the moment there are thousands of Azerbaijani individuals, mainly students are in prison. Their crime is to ask for their rights, which are interestingly written in Iran’s constitution. Iranian government denies all rights of non-Fars nations and keeps forcing them to convert, both nationally and religiously.

After initial complaint made by BayBak against the selecting of mentioned song to represent Azerbaijani in “Eurovision 2009”, many Azerbaijani groups have joined in and are condemning that choice by Northern Azerbaijani officials. BayBak also have informed ITV, which is one of the main sponsors of the event, but unfortunately have not received any reply.

At the moment there is a big debate between Azerbaijani intellectuals, all asking those officials to review the decision. There is a clear message to Northern Azerbaijani officials, and also to that Fars official who are trying to show Northern Azerbaijan as part of Iran! Message is: “We are Turks, who have given many civilisations to the world; we have a long history of producing music and instruments. We do not need to copy others work, we should stand for our identity and history. We all are behind and for Azerbaijan.”

BayBak condemns the decision of Northern Azerbaijani panel and asks them to review that before it is too late. At the moment we all are trying for unification of Azerbaijan, backing the invader of South is not a good gesture from our Northern relatives.