Set Azerbaijani Nationalist Journalists and Elites Free!

Unfortunately, the extent of pressures on the Azerbaijani cultural and civil actives and elites is increasing.

These are some examples which Azerbaijani actives have been faced:

1. Arresting and summoning many cultural and civil actives along with second anniversary of Khordad (June) revolts 2006, which caused many political actives to be imprisoned.

2. Arresting more than 10 students in Azerbaijani universities, who are still, in unknown situations and places in agency organizations without causing to understand their charge and permission to visit their family and lawyer after 2 months of arresting.

3. Intolerable physical tortures and pressures and mental pressure on Azerbaijani actives, for example, Hamid Valayie’s torturing whose torture pictures are published in the internet.

4. Depriving Turk cultural and civil actives from social rights, for example, studying in postgraduate levels and firing from job. Nader Mahd Gharabagh, Samad Pashayie, Nahid Babazadeh and Amin Emamie are four students of Tabriz university whose report card of M.A. exam haven’t been given to them.

5. Creating fearful and stressful atmosphere in several occasions, for example, in international mother language day, anniversary of Khordad revolts, anniversary of Azerbaijani national hero’s birthday Babak, anniversary of conclusion of constitutional revolution, and even funeral occasions such as funeral of Dr. Sardary Nia, the writer and author of contemporary history.

6. Closing down several magazines and Azerbaijani cultural and artistic groups, and filtering nationalist websites.

There are a few examples about the breach of citizen rights of Azerbaijani cultural and civil actives, who want the establishment of justice and human primary rights in a peaceful and legal condition that unfortunately, not only these claims have not been responded well, but also exorbitant expenses have been paid for it. Moreover, these claims are not only wanted from a special group of Azerbaijanis, but they are wanted by great deal of Azerbaijani people that it has been shown very well in Khordad events, 2006. We requested this message to be adverted by liable authorities after Khordad events in 2006, but also unfortunately, not only nothing was done for adjudication of Azerbaijani people’s claims, but also the vehemence of contacts have been increased.BayBak

If the imprisonment of Azerbaijani cultural and civil actives used to be by letters sent to their home, after Khordad events 2006 without any attention, the actives are kidnapped from homes, dormitories and universities, that it has caused offence to actives and high spiritual pressure to their families.

One of these security named operations have been operated in Tehran on 20.6.87, and unfortunately, 19 guests of an Iftar party in Ramadan were arrested. This party that was held because of presence of Abbas Lisanie’s family (Azerbaijani political prisoner exiled in Yazd) with attendance of actives like Alireza Sarrafie (the chairman of closed magazine of Dilmadje and the member of national peace council), Hassan Rashedie (author of several books about identity and history of Azerbaijan, and the member of editorial board of Varligh journal), Saeid Mughanlie (poet and the editor-in-chief of literal Yashmagh magazine), Akbar Azad (anthropologist and the author of children books), Hassan Haydarie (teacher), Hassan Rahimie Bayat (the member of human rights reporters committee), Sayyad Mohammadian (civil active), Abbas Naiemie (employee of Tarbiat Modarres university of Tehran), Mehdie Naiemie Ardabilie (poet and teacher) and even some ladies and children were taken to the prison. In addition, unfortunately after more than one week, 9 of them stay in prison without access to primary rights, and also without visiting their families and lawyers.

It is obvious that the problems of Azerbaijan ca not be solved by harshness, threat and violation of human rights, but it could be possible by providing the atmosphere of cultural, social and political development and making possible the access of Azerbaijanis and other nations’ primary human claims.

Therefore, the signatories of this manifesto not only disapprove any kind of harshness and pressure on the political and cultural actives, but also they want disappearance of reminded discriminations and freedom of political prisoners of Azerbaijan, especially Azerbaijani elites, who have been captured in a Ramadan Iftar party without any kind of legal and judicial reason.

Reza abbasi

Reza abbasi

Sahand abbasiBayBak

Ali abbaszade

Said abdi

Ali abdi

Rahim abdi

Elchin abdollahi

Reza adalati

Dr.sedige adalati

Reza adalati

Behnam afag

Feridun agazade

Mehdi agdasi

Ahad agdasi

Araz ahmadi

Ali ahmadi

Masoud akbari

Hoseyn akbariBayBak

Dr.amin akbarpour

Haj ali akbarzade

Mohammadreza alardabilli

Sahand alipour

Rahim alirezai

Hasan alizade

Hoseyn amani

Mohammadreza amani

Yashar ami oglu

Asgar amini

Asadollah amiri

Peyman ansari

Elnaz ansari

Yousef ansari

Hoseyn anvar hagigi

Aydin araz

Goli ardabili

Alireza ardabili

Parvin ardalanBayBak

Vadud asadi

Ahad asgari

Alireza asgarzade

Naser ashkani

Mohammadi azadgar

Agil azardokht

Mohammadi azargalam

Mehdi azari

Asrafil azimi

Davoud azimzade

Fazael azizan

Sorayya azizpanah

Babak babayi

Mehdi babayi

Mohammad badaliBayBak

Mehdi bageri

Rogayye bahadori

Mehran bahari

Ali reza baher

Jila bani tagoub

Reza barahani

Ali barazande

Ali barzgari

Reza bayani

Alimohammad bayaniBayBak

Seyyed heydar bayat

Eyvaz bayat

Shahram behshad

Ali beygi

Hamid biazar

Dr.yousef bidardel

Reza dagestani

Hasan damirchi

Babak daneshvar

Salamat dashti

Said davari

Masoud davoudi

Shirin ebadi

Jafar ebrahimpour

Mansur ebrahimzadehBayBak

Abbas emamil

Shahla entesari

Hoseyn eqbali

Masoud esfanyari

Hoseyn eskandari

Saiede eslami

Farrokh esmail najad

Farshad esmail zade

Oruj esmaili

Mehrnush etemadi

Faranak farid

Manuchehr faridBayBak

Farzad farshad

Nazanin farzanjou

Yasamin farzanjou

Javad fathi

Behrouz fattai

Javad fazli

Reza gaffari

Ali gahramanzadeh

Tavakkol gain lou

Jalil ganilou

Mahmoud ganji

Maryam garadagi

Ali garajelouBayBak

Said gasemi

Mahnaz gechlu

Shahnaz golami

Saide golami

Pouya golami

Babak golipour

Yashar hakkakpour

Babak hamidi

Ali hamidi

Alireza haqqi

Susan hasani

Latif hasaniBayBak

Ilqar hasanzade

Masoud hasrati

Seyf hatamluei

Sonia hazratpour

Ensafali hedayat

Banafshe hejazi

Abdollah heydari

Leyla heydari

Fateme heydari

Behruz hokmabadi

Reza hoseyni

Mehdi hoseyniBayBak

Ali jabrayili

Saba jafari

Zahra jafari

Hushang jafari

Mohammad taher jafari

Razi jafarzade

Abbas jalili

Esmail jamili

Esmail javadi

Alireza javanbakht quluju

Lale javanshir

Mehran jeddi

Said kalanaki

Dr.moharram kamrani

Hajar karimi

Ardashir karimi

Homa kaviyaniBayBak

Nahid keshavarz

Siyamak keshavarzi

Mehdi keshavarzi

Jafar keyvanchehr

Ali khaletabadi

Akram kheyrkhah

Giti kheyrkhah

Mokhtar khiabani

Negar khiyavi

Davoud khodakarami

Anahita khoshzaher

Hoseyn khoshzaher

Aliakbar khosroshahi

Azade khosroshahi

Yavar khosroshahi

Gisu khushe chin


Nagi mahmoudi

Ali mahmoudi

Farzad mahmoudiBayBak

Taymaz mahmoudi

Sattar mahmoudoglu

Hamid manafi

Naser manzouri

Ali masoudpour

Said matinpour

Masoud matinpour

Niloufar mehdian

Haj kazem mehdizade

Naser mergati

Babak minagi

Nahid mirhaj

Aliakbar mizan

Siyamak moayyedzade

Rezvan mogaddam

Khadige mogaddam

Sedige mogaddam

Solmaz mogaddamBayBak

Vajihe mogaddam

Ahmad mohaddes

Navid mohammadi

Karim mohammadi

Nasrin mohammadi

Mehrali mohammadi

Araz mohammadi

Ali mohammadi

Narges mohammadi

Babak mohammadi

Hoseyn mohammadi

Karim mohammadian

Elshan mohammadpour

Altay mohammadpour

Alireza mohammadpour

Pr.yousef molayi

Ali mollazade

Yashar moradi

Bager mortazaviBayBak

Mehdi mortazavi lou

Neda moshiri

Hasan mottaginiya

Hoseyn mousavi

Bahram nagavi

Sadeg naggashkar

Said naimi

Alireza najafi

Vahid naseri

Bahram nasiri

Shiva nazar ahari

Telnaz nemati

Abbas nikravan

Behnam nurmohammad

Morteza nurmohammadi

Jalal nurmohammadi

Mehrab nurmohammadi

Musa nurmohammadi

Ali ojoglu

Shahin ostajlu

Yagub osuliBayBak

Majid pajouhfam

Hoseyn panahi

Ayyub pashang

Yagoub pashang

Naser pashayi

Mahsa pashayi

Faege pirhashemi

Abbas pour azhari

Samad pour musavi

Nima puryagoub

Vahid qarabagli

Saber rahimi

Hamed rahmati

Hasan rahmatiBayBak

Rana ranjbar

Karim ranjbar

Boyuk rasuloglu

Mojtaba razmi

Mohammad razzagi

Dr.ahmad rezayi

Hoseyn rezazade

Abazar rezvani

Ayda saadat

Rahim saadati

Manaf sababi

Siyamak sabri

Ulduz sadegi

Aydin sadegi

Vahid sadigi

Dr.ziya sadrolashrafiBayBak

Vahid safapour

Behrouz safari

Kiyan safari

Ayaz saidzade

Musa saket

Morteza salmani

Ali salmani

Golamreza salmasi

Reza samadi

Farzad samadli

Amirreza sanei

Nader sani

Aydin sardarinya

Elnaz sardarinyaBayBak

Fateme sattari

Jabbar sattaroglu

Amirreza sayyadi

Khosro sayyadi

Leyla sehhat

Allah goli seyrani

Mehdi seyyedrezayi

Ramin shadpour

Hamid shafei

Okhtay shafei

Nazli shafei

Khalil shafii

Aydin shafii

Younes shameli

Behrouz sharifi

Behnaz shekaryarBayBak

Vahid sheykhbaglu

Saber shir afkan

Mohammadreza shogi

Reza shokouhi

Omid shokri

Salman sima

Saede sima

Araz soltani

Ali soltani

Ahad soltani

Hedayat soltanzade

Nasrin sotude

Hayede tabeshBayBak

Yagoub tagavi

Atiye taheri

Rasoul terashkar

Nayyere tohidi

Davud turan

Behnam turkanpur

Hasan umud oglu

Ahmad valayi

Gasem vatan oglu

Hamed yegane pour

Morteza yegane pour

Faraz yekita

Firouz yousefiBayBak

Rahim yousefi

Ali yousefi

Hamed yousefi

Anar yousefzade

Ahmad yousefzade

Ebrahim zahhak

Hedayat zaker

Fakhte zamani

Younes zareiyun

Fathollah zovgi

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