Russia refuses to use the Gabala radar station in North Azerbaijan

On Monday the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the suspension by Russia the activity of the Gabala radar station (GRS.) The main reason for the denial Russia’s disagreement with the amount of rent for the operation of the station.

The report says: “There were intensive talks between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation on the Gabala radar station. During the negotiations, the Republic of Azerbaijan has demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with the Russian side of the extension of the lease. The talks failed to reach agreement on the rent for the Gabala radar station.

Azerbaijani side was represented a note on suspension operating the Gabala radar station on December 10, 2012 , because on December 9, 2012 the agreement between the governments of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation on the status, principles and conditions for use of the Gabala radar station, lost its validity.”

Recall that Azerbaijan raised the rent price from $7 million a year to $150 million, and Moscow does not agree with this price.

* The Gabala radar station was built in the mid-80s of the last century, and is designed to track the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the vast region from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. It was considered an important element of a missile defense of the USSR, and later of