Presence of 80,000 fans and still counting, Tractor Sazi and Al Jazeera match will shake the region

According to BayBak, more than 80000 fans have gathered in Sahad Stadium, The Valley of Wolves (Yadegar-e Imam) in Tabriz city, South Azerbaijan. They are there to support their national team, Tiraxtur (Tractor Sazi) at 16:30 (local time, 13:00 GMT).

There is no reported clash between security forces and fans, but some have been stopped-searched in Tabriz and the road to the stadium.

Referees of today’s match are from China, an observer is from India and a Syrian referee will analyse the acts of referees in the pitch.

BayBak has learnt that one of the chauvinist figures of Iranian government, Mohsen Rezai had a meeting with other top ranked officials, and they will attend to the match to witness the power of South Azerbaijani youths. Mr Rezai wants to gain support from South Azerbaijan during the presidential elections which he will be a candidate of.

Iranian foreign ministry had issued a request to Turkish consulate in Tabriz to not to attend the game, this is to prevent consulate’s presence at the stadium which had created tension between the two countries before.

BayBak adds that at the afternoon prayer, fans had remembered the victims of Khojaly Massacre and condemned the barbaric behaviour of Armenians towards Turks.