Bank account of “Azadlig” been frozen again in North Azerbaijan

Yasamal District Court has again arrested the bank account of “Azadlig” newspaper, Turan was told by the Acting editor of the opposition daily newspaper, Rahim Hajiyev. The decision was made in connection with a lawsuit filed by the head of the Baku Metro, Tagi Akhmedov, because of an article published on April 8, 2012: “Tagi Akhmedov appropriates five-gepik.”

The article said that after fare increases on the Baku subway from 15 to 20 kopecks, it was not possible to use the residual amount on travel cards. The author ironically noted that Tagi Akhmedov appropriated the balance.

Akhmedov saw the article as an insult to his honor and dignity, and demanded compensation of 200,000 manat.

Yasamal Court partially granted the petition and ordered the newspaper to pay Akhmedov 30,000 manat. Baku Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan upheld that decision.

Hajiyev regarded the arrest of the bank account of the newspaper as a desire to economically strangle the newspaper. He does not exclude the issue of the newspaper being suspended.

The newspaper is also having to pay a fine of 30,000 manat to the suit of the owner of the shopping center “Bina”, Kebira Mamedova. According to her lawsuit, a reporter Ramin Deko was arrested.

The newspaper cannot get its 41,000 manat from the press distribution company “Gasid”.contact